Case Study

+168% Increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Analytics, Creative


Trex Company, Inc.
Analytics, Creative
168% higher Ecomm CVR; 56% higher AOV


Trex Company Inc. has an online store that allows customers to order decking samples as well as purchase lighting, railing, and more.

However, the only way for customers to get to that store from the homepage was to click on “Order Samples.”

With plans to continue to expand product offerings beyond samples, Trex wanted to clarify this call-to-action (CTA)—and therefore attract more customers to the online store.




Seer’s Creative and Analytics teams collaborated on a data-driven design approach to optimize the eCommerce experience on the homepage and drive users to the online store.

Looking at heatmap data in Hotjar, we could see that most homepage visitors clicked on “Where to Buy”, a small link in the upper left corner. Surprisingly, the most prominent button on the page, “Design & Price” got very few clicks. Our conclusion? The design of the homepage was not aligned with what users actually wanted and needed.


We now knew that users’ primary goal on the homepage was to find out where to buy Trex products. This also aligned with Trex’s business goals to drive more traffic to the online store.

Seer recommended changing the primary button CTA so that it would:

  • Link to the online store
  • Be updated to say “Shop Trex”, a label which would reflect Trex’s broader product availability and would also be consistent with the language used on the online store




With Google Optimize, we were able to quickly test this recommendation. The Seer Analytics and Creative teams crafted an A/B test of the call-to-action and added additional tracking to the Trex website to ensure that we were able to assess the impact of the change across a host of factors. We ran the test for 4 weeks, closely monitoring performance.

Additionally, our closed loop implementation for Trex allowed us to tie these CTA changes directly to transactions on the online store. In other words, we could see how this website change impacted revenue.



The Ecommerce conversion rate for Seer’s recommended CTA was 2.68x that of the original CTA. Overall revenue from those who clicked the Seer CTA was significantly higher as well, even when accounting for outliers.

While users who purchased after clicking this CTA had a 56% higher average order value, suggesting they’re further exploring the Ecommerce site and purchasing more products.


Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Average Order Value

"Working with Seer on our Ecommerce and CRO efforts has been tremendously fruitful. With their help, we are driving higher conversions, allowing us to reallocate our spend to the tactics that produce the most viable result."
Leslie Adkins
VP of Marketing