Consumer Insights

Support the people who support you.

Illuminate what inspires your audience - pinpoint what they need from your business through consumer data and direct feedback analysis.

Be an advocate for your audience.

To connect users with your solutions, we’ll gain a rapid understanding of exactly who they are and what inspires them to act. We’ll help you advocate for your audience in powerful new ways - gaining consumer insights through data mining, analyzing surveys and direct conversations.

Send the right message

We’ll inspire messaging that speaks your users’ language, and set priorities based on observed motivations, not assumptions.

Create real connections

Let’s create an insight-driven roadmap your design and copy team can use to do their best work and engage your audience.

Better intel, less risk

Avoid costly design and copy do-overs down the road. We’ll do our part by triple checking that all conversion paths are on point before we begin.

How Seer makes believers.

A Rolodex of methods.
A Rolodex of methods.

Like your audience, your objectives are unique - we’ll meet you with an approach that draws from a range of consumer insights and analyses.

All-In or Hands-Off.
All-In or Hands-Off.

Once the solutions are sorted out, our teams can take on implementation and measure the impact on your KPIs or support your internal team.

Empathy mapping.
Empathy mapping.

Understanding your audience allows us to relate to their perspective. We layer that input onto quantitative data like screen recordings, review site scraping, etc. to solve for pain points.

How can our solution-driven approach help your business grow?

Gain a new perspective on your data.

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