Case Study

Fintech Pricing Page Results in +800% CVR and $44K in 3 Months

SEO, Consumer Insights


SEO, Consumer Insights
800% increase in organic CVR compared to site-wide average; $44K increase in revenue


Carta, an equity management SaaS company, wanted to better understand and meet the needs of their customers after rebranding and introducing new products.

They partnered with Seer to identify new content ideas, landing pages, and strategies to provide information to potential customers and increase organic demo requests.

Working with a client that caters to a very specific customer, we knew we'd have to dig  into their audience deeply.


Seer’s Audience Insights team conducted research that led to a series of interviews with the people that were closest to Carta’s customers: the business development team. Through these interviews, we learned that pricing was a key part of the consideration phase of their customer’s journey to purchase.

We also learned that with the rebranding campaign came a more complex pricing philosophy and an opportunity to share that story with customers.

Yet, there was no existing Pricing page to meet these needs. Furthermore, our client had an outdated blog post ranking for all pricing queries. That’s where we came in and recommended changes to Carta’s site to better serve customers and prospects.


Seer worked with Carta to build a comprehensive pricing page that spoke to customer needs and shared Carta’s message in an impactful way after the launch of their new packages.

Then, we strategically linked to the page throughout the site to make it easier for their audience to find and help guide potential customers further down the conversion funnel.




In the first 90 days since Carta implemented our findings and their new pricing page, it has:

  • Moved into #1 ranking position for all branded pricing keywords, knocking competitors and third-party sites into lower spots in SERPs.
  • Seen an 800% increase in conversion rate compared to the site-wide average.
  • Resulted in over $44K in new organic conversions.

Most importantly, Carta now has the ability to better serve the needs of both their customers and business development team.

Our client continues to A/B test and promote the page, giving them the tools they need to provide accurate and valuable information to their customers and prospects.


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