Case Study

Salesforce Integration Enables Data Refresh in GA360 Every 4 Hours

Analytics, SEO


Analytics, SEO
Full marketing & content attribution to bottom-line closed won deals


Looker generates new leads on their website by having users sign up for free trials and demos.

Within Google Analytics, they could see what marketing efforts and content drove lead creation and build an attribution model all the way through to closed deals.

However, the Looker team wanted to leverage the advanced features and segmentation capabilities in GA360 with their Salesforce data.



Utilizing Seer’s custom planning & best practices for the Google Analytics 360 (GA360) + Salesforce Sales Cloud turnkey integration, Seer worked with Looker to:

  • Provide specs and requirements for a multi-team project to execute on the development & implementation of the integration
  • Import Salesforce lead statuses, opportunity stages, and additional Salesforce fields (Industry, Rating, Number of Employees, etc.)

Seer’s expertise in this area allowed Looker to confidently head into the integration and execute a true closed-loop data integration in GA360.




Seer assisted Looker's development team, Salesforce team, operations teams, and legal team:

  • Create new Salesforce fields (Looker)
  • Pass the GA Client ID to Salesforce using a hidden form field (Looker)
  • Link GA360 + Salesforce Sales Cloud (Seer + Looker)
  • Data Validation (Seer + Looker)




Salesforce syncs with Google Analytics every 4 hours

This allows us to combine online activity and trends in GA360 (e.g. traffic source leading the user to the website, content the user consumed, etc.) with real-time Lead and Opportunity information in Salesforce.

For example, with Opportunity Closed Won (the final stage in Looker's sales funnel) set up as a goal conversion, we can create segments and audiences for further activation across the Google Marketing Platform.


Salesforce data sync with GA360


New reporting features in GA360