Case Study

Increasing conversions on an Insurance PPC landing page



Allianz Trade
Increased conversions on the landing page by highlighting an offer and adding more value to their overall services


Allianz Trade offers a free risk assessment on their main PPC landing page, and wanted to convert more visitors into leads. In order to increase conversions, our goal was to effectively highlight the benefits of the free risk assessment and in addition, showcase their services by adding in trust building facts. 


Usually, for an offer on a Landing Page to convert well, we have to "sell" all its value and benefits, even if it's free risk assessment. Visitors should be able to quickly answer these questions:

  1. What are the benefits of the free assessment?
  2. What exactly is the process?
  3. Is there any hidden cost or term?

Ideally, the next step of the conversion process should always sound like a no-brainer. Visitors should think: "Why not get all this value for free?" Therefore, we needed to highlight key features of Allianz Trade to bolster their reliable brand.


Allianz Trade image 1
  1. New headline, focusing more on Allianz Trade than on Credit Insurance.
  2. New CTA above the fold
  3. List of benefits close to the CTA
  4. Secondary "contact us" CTA for customers not interested in the risk assessment.
  5. On the second fold, a new way to present benefits of trade credit insurance.
  6. Removed navigation
  7. New fold with benefits Allianz Trade offers + local social proof
  8. New form fold

Allianz Trade image 2



Increment of 43.29% for the CTA click Conversion Rate