Case Study

Organic Blog Traffic Surpasses Goal by +81% After Additions to Website



Multi-State Healthcare Provider

Implementation of recommendations to combat blog traffic declines led to surpassing our traffic goal by +81%.


Our client was experiencing declining traffic to their blog for four consecutive months, despite implementing SEO-optimized content regularly to the site. 

Seer’s goal was to identify the factors contributing to the organic traffic declines and provide recommendations to help regain lost traffic.


Seer began by identifying which pages were contributing the most to traffic declines. We then analyzed top-ranking competitor content to identify which elements these pages were including that Google was rewarding.

Tools Used
  • Google Analytics: We leveraged 12 year-over-year traffic data to determine which pages declined most
  • SEMRush: Seer compared Page 1 keyword rankings to identify where content could be improved 
Seer observed a decline in traffic from May to June 2021 with a steady decline since. The decline can be attributed to 16 key blog pages. 
Despite page 1 visibility declining, overall search demand increased +42% signaling an opportunity to re-optimize these 16 pages 


Multiple factors are contributing to the decline, including:

  • Increase in competitors

  • Google SERP features

  • Google algorithm updates (EEAT)

To declining pages, our client added:

  • Medical reviews to pages to increase authority and trust to users and search engines

  • More content per section heading to boost user understanding and better align with competitor pages

  • Interactive assets such as infographics and videos to increase backlinks and user engagement


Comparing December to June:

  • Sessions increased by +104%

  • Keywords ranking in the top 10 increased by +115% 

  • Blog traffic surpassed goal by +81%



Above the blog traffic goal
Increase in keywords ranking in the top 10
Sessions Increased from December to June

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