Case Study

Personalization Increases Healthcare Conversions by 32x and 22x

Analytics, CRO


Baptist Health
Analytics, CRO
Users converted 32x higher and were 22x more likely to open an HRA


Increase total HRA starts and completions

Baptist Health is a healthcare provider focused on improving longevity and quality of life for their patients. They work hard to serve as many people as they can within their community.

One way they do this is through their Health Risk Assessment (HRA) feature on their website. The HRA helps people to understand if they are at risk for certain ailments. This is Baptist Health’s most important call-to-action.

Our challenge was to increase the number of HRA starts and completions.



Assess the HRA user experience

We collected custom data via Google Analytics and found that users were being directed to a page that had 6–8 different assessments for each of Baptist Health’s locations.

Our analysis suggested this page was overwhelming visitors and discouraging engagement.

However, due to development and Content Management constraints implementing changes on the page -- we had to find a workaround to make this experience more user-friendly.


Personalize content based on audience


Seer’s analytics team used Google Tag Manager to alter the on page content to align with campaign targeting from Facebook and Google My Business.

This resulted in showing the user a single HRA that was most relevant to them based on targeting in Facebook and Google My Business.


Compared to historical data and campaigns, users that received the personalized experience were 32x more likely to convert and 22x more likely to click to start an HRA.


more likely to convert


more likely to start an HRA

“In healthcare, it is more important than ever to provide the best user experience possible. Seer worked with us to come up with a solution using Google Tag Manager, tracking, and our CMS to make this a reality."


Lauren S.
Sr. Inbound Marketing Specialist