Case Study

SEO Boosts Higher Ed Program Website Launch and Monthly Traffic Growth

Creative, SEO


University, Single Program
Creative, SEO

Launched a website and drove organic traffic to it at an increasing amount month-over-month.


Our client was a university starting a new program that needed a website launched. The program is niche and likely to have a smaller target audience, but it was crucial for them to drive organic traffic and start building a relationship with potential students.

Seer’s goal was to build a digital foundation and create awareness for their new program.


Build a website that includes high-quality content optimized for people, and continue to uncover insights for opportunities through analysis and ongoing consulting.


Built 9 core webpages for site launch

Over the next 9 months, 4 analyses were conducted on those pages, along with monthly reporting and ongoing consulting & research, resulting in 11 new pages and 13 page edits


149 Organic-driven form fills

72 page one rankings in 18 months

Average increase of 8.67 keywords on page one from months 12 to 18

3K+ sessions / month reached by month 18
  • +1,383% from month 1 to 18
  • Average increase of 160 sessions month-over-month during this period

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Page 1 Rankings in 18-months
Organic-driven form fills for more information

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