Imagine having Google's knowledge of your customer.

Start making strategic and proactive decisions like Google with Supernova™. Only from Seer, two paths to leveraging:

Think about it... your customers see paid and organic results in one experience.

But most tools that marketers use silo that data.

Seer Interactive's cloud-based data platform, Supernova™ changes that.

Although it's space-themed, Supernova™ is far from rocket science: Google uses both paid and organic search data to make decisions about what they show your customer. So in order to understand what Google understands about your customers, you view the data like Google views it.

That's what our technology enables.


Seer Interactive's cloud-based data platform.  Let us un-overwhelm your data with our robust tool and team of specialized consultants.

Your Seer Team has your data integrated across SEO, Paid Media, Paid Social, and more at their finger tips. They'll use it to help you make confident decisions that impact your bottom line.

9.47 Billion

Rows of data

11.9 Thousand

Gigabytes of data

Think Fast

Stay ahead of your competition.

Seer Interactive's Supernova™ structures your search data into the format it was created in - one user, one query, one search page. Then it transforms that data into on-demand dashboards for your Seer Team.

Custom alerts catch fluctuations so we can take action before your competitors do.


Blow past your sales goals.

Powered by a constant flow of increasing and changing data, Google makes thousands of updates to it's search algorithm each year, decreasing the number of irrelevant results appearing on a search results page by 40% over 5 years.

That's what you'll get with our cloud-based data platform, Supernova™. Tons of tiny insights-driven patches that move your KPIs.

Scale and Consistency

200+ Brains bettering your business
200+ Brains bettering your business

Our team builds smart analyses for clients across the company. Supernova™ is a way for us to scale those smarts to the benefit our entire Seer roster of clients.

A reliable experience you can count on
A reliable experience you can count on

Once an idea is scaled through Supernova™, it ensures all clients get the same great Seer experience, impact and consistent level of service.

"We built Supernova™ to create a consistent level of service for all Seer Clients. We know that when you hire an agency, you don't really hire an agency. You hire individuals.
Those individuals are hopefully plugged into a way of thinking and a set of values at a company, called an agency. And hopefully their approach and values helps you to win."
Founder & VP of Innovation, Seer Interactive

Supernova™ in Action

We've been working towards Supernova for a long time (check out our Power BI Basics for SEO & PPC Marketers from back in 2018). Check out some of the things we've been able to bring to life over the years with the power of integrated search data.

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