Work Smarter, Not Harder, with Meta's Advantage+ Shopping Ads

I feel like every time I introduce myself at SEER Interactive or in any professional setting for that matter, I express how much I love E-commerce and how much of my career was spent in that industry. As a result, I automatically seek out all news centered around E-commerce.

In Q4 of 2022, Meta rolled out their Advantage+ shopping campaigns and it has simplified ad building and led to more cost effective conversions for E-commerce clients.  

What are Advantage Shopping+ Campaigns?

In my previous lives, I have spent many weeks A/B testing a variety of creative options, budgeting, and target audiences to increase sales and lower cost per purchases. A few years ago, I thought Dynamic Ads were absolute game changers in the E-commerce space, but audience testing still took a lot of time.

Advantage+ shopping campaigns can help solve all these problems, but what are they?

An Advantage+ shopping campaign is an end-to-end automated solution that utilizes machine learnings to help increase online sales with increased efficiency. It also streamlines the campaign building process and ad delivery.

This option is now available to all e-commerce clients as of March 2023. 

How do Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns Work?

In Ads Manager, a user selects the flight dates and budget, uploads creative assets, and the system will do the rest.

The system will generate up to 150 creative options based on existing creatives and will select the variations that perform best across different placements. This takes place in one Advantage+ shopping campaign.

What about audience targeting? Due to changes in data collection processes, Meta may not have substantial data for a brands target audience, based on a combination demographic attributes that is manually input in Ads Manager. This is where Advantage+ shopping campaigns come in. It uses data that is already available to the system.  After gaining some learnings, the system will serve the highest performing ad variation to the highest performing audience. 

According to Meta, ‘52% of surveyed consumers want to find brands and products that they haven’t heard and that also align with their shopping preferences.’ Advantage+ shopping campaigns personalize ads with machine learning and show a brands products based on an individual’s preferences.  All of this happens in a privacy-safe way. 

How Do I Build an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign?

  • Go to Ads Manager and clock create
  • Select conversions or sales as your objective and hit continue
  • Click Advantage+ shopping campaign and hit continue 

  • Name your campaign
  • Select where the conversion will take place (Website or Website and app)
    • If the conversion location is on the website, choose the purchase event pixel
    • If the conversion location is on the website and app, choose the purchase event pixel and app with the purchase event
  • Add a custom audience (this can be made from website, app, catalog, customer list, or offline activity in the Add Account Setup)
  • Set daily budget
  • Schedule 
  • Import ad creatives (you can make individual edits after importing)
  • Publish

How Effective Are Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns?

According to Meta,  e-commerce clients who used Advantage+ shopping campaigns saw an average of a 12% decrease in cost per action and a 15% increase in ROAS (return on ad spend).

Effectiveness of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns 
Source: Meta

Final Thoughts

Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns is a great tool for e-commerce clients to increase performance and lower cost in a more time-efficient manner. At this time, an ad account can only have 8 Advantage+ shopping campaigns. Contact us today to see if this will be a great addition to your social media marketing strategy. 



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Nicole Velasco
Nicole Velasco
Sr. Associate, Paid Social