Seer's Community Impact 2023 Mid-Year Progress Report

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This post will provide you with an overview of Seer's Community Impact efforts for the first half of 2023. We'll pull back the curtain to share real-world volunteering data from the Seer team and give a glimpse into how we're progressing towards our annual goals. We'll even provide you with resources, including a list of reputable volunteer opportunities for your team to explore.

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A Look Back at the First Half of 2023
How Are We Doing So Far?
Where Do We Go From Here?
Join Us In Our Goal to Give back $15MM to the Community 

Seer's Community Impact: A Mid-Year Progress Report and Open Invitation to Join Us in Uplifting Others

It’s 100 degrees out, pools are open, and everyone’s down the shore. That must mean one thing: It’s July! We’re halfway through 2023! We wanted to share a mid-year update on our Community Impact Progress and what we’ve got planned for the second half of 2023. 

A Look Back at the First Half of 2023

Last year at Seer, our team tracked a record breaking number of volunteer hours: 5075! 


We wanted to continue that momentum in 2023 in a realistic way. It didn’t seem to make sense to set an overall total hours goal. What if our headcount changed? Or our top volunteers left Seer? That didn’t seem to be a sustainable model. 

Instead, we wanted to focus on helping individuals increase their volunteer hours, with the hypothesis that this would lead to our overall team hours increasing as well. Our goal is to have 55% of our team tracking 16+ hours in 2023. To help team members meet this goal, we decided to provide a monthly volunteer opportunity open to anyone on the team regardless of location. While we’re still coordinating in person volunteer opportunities in Philly, San Diego, Ohio, and Denver (where we have the largest number of team members) we wanted to continue to remove barriers to participation by making volunteering as easy as possible. We also continue to empower team members to volunteer in their own communities at places that match their interests. 

How Are We Doing So Far? 

As of July 1, 2023, our team has tracked 2863  volunteer hours! This is outpacing where we were at this time last year by almost 400 hours. 



Our top 3 volunteers have each already tracked over 100 hours! Finally, 30.6% of our team has tracked 16+ volunteer hours in the first half of the year, meaning that we are pacing to exceed our goal of 55% of the team tracking 16+ hours in 2023. Volunteer opportunities that involve helping meet folks’ Basic Needs, working with children, and mentoring youth in tech, are our most popular types of opportunities. 

Where Do We Go From Here? 

There’s no denying that sourcing volunteer opportunities for our team is working! We’re learning that participation in volunteer events increases when it’s easy to plug into the opportunity. For the second half of the year we have two big projects planned, in addition to our monthly volunteer opportunities:


Join Us In Our Goal to Give back $15MM to the Community

As we move into the second half of the year, we’re reminded of our vision: 

We believe in relentlessly pursuing (and sharing) the Truth. Our purpose is to unlock potential. Our vision is a world where it’s easy to do the right thing. 

We want to help make it easy for our external community to do the right thing. We recognize that not everyone has the resources that Seer, specifically a full time Community Impact Manager, who can do the legwork to properly vet and organize volunteer opportunities. 

Instead, we’re sharing our resources with you! Here, you’ll find a link of vetted, trusted, volunteer opportunities. Our team has participated in these monthly. They are not tied to location, meaning they are a good fit for companies with remote employees. Bookmark this document; we’ll update with new opportunities quarterly that we test out.

[TIP] if your company decides to participate in an activity, we’d love to know about it. Please fill out this form. We’ll share the data on our website.  

We’ll be sharing our next impact report at the end of the year, and reporting two times a year on our impact moving forward. Thanks for joining us on this journey. 

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Joanna Bowen
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