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Meet Ali Wilson

Paid Media Lead | Yogi and Fantastic Dog Parent


How would you describe what you do for your job? What's a day-in-the-life look like?

As a Paid Media Lead, I would describe my role as the glue between the Seer account teams and the clients that we work with.

"I help guide data-backed strategies for our clients while helping account teams implement strategies and perform analyses. I also work with Account Managers and Associates to help them level up to become better analysts and strategists."

You were also a Paid Media Manager for about four years before becoming a Paid Media Lead. Can you tell us a bit about what that role entails?

The Paid Media Manager role at Seer is responsible for driving strategy for their clients. But it's a lot of other things too. 

It's working with team members who are still learning, which is exciting because you get coaching opportunities. It's working cross-functionally with other teams like SEO, Analytics and Creative to make sure that we are not working in silos. And it's also your own personal professional development - whether that is practicing people management by coaching associate team members, or becoming more of a cross-channel practitioner - learning more about Market Intelligence, Analytics, SEO or Creative.

With the Paid Media Manager role specifically, I felt like I always had a consistent challenge.

I wasn't doing the same thing for more than a few months at a time because different things could change. My clients could change priorities, the people I work with could change, sometimes we would be adding more services to certain accounts.

I loved that as a Paid Media Manager there was always something new to be done.

Where do you live? What should we not miss in your city if we come to visit?

I live in Philly. The food is absolutely incredible. It's probably the easiest place in the US to eat vegan, and to eat truly exceptional vegan food. 

You also should not miss my dog Guinness - stop by and meet him! He used to be a staple at the Philly office, joining me nearly every day when we were in-person. He is a pitbull/beagle/Jack Russell terrier mix. He is the most loving, snuggly dog I’ve ever met.


What aspects of your Seer career that aren’t part of your job description do you find special?

I’m so appreciative of the trust that leadership has in all team members. I’ve been trusted to fail, to challenge existing processes, and to take unlimited PTO.

The unlimited PTO policy has enabled me to take some amazing trips and be present for important moments in my family’s and friends’ lives without a second thought the past 7 years, like graduations, weddings, births, and holidays.

I’m so grateful to be trusted with that and I'm really looking forward to taking advantage of this benefit when I take time off for my wedding and honeymoon in September 2022.

Now that we are a remote-first company - what are your favorite ways to get to know other team members?

I generally prefer 1:1 environments, so I love participating in Coffee Roulette.

Seer set this up for the whole company to opt into right when we all started working remotely. Each week, you’re paired up for a (virtual) coffee chat with someone random. 

For me, it’s a really easy way to connect with someone every week without the pressure of figuring out who to reach out to. 

It’s been so nice getting to chat with new folks, people I haven’t crossed paths with in a while, and even getting the same person twice.

Who is someone in your life who inspires you and why?

My grandmother, Elsie! She’s a kickass lady who always puts family and fun first. She is always busy and having a great time - a weekend visit with her always requires advance planning. Even though I’m well into adulthood, she still spoils me like she did when I was a kid!

How would you describe what it is like working at Seer?

The culture is challenging, fast-paced, and supportive. You’ll learn a lot, really quickly. 

We have plenty of resources to help people onboard and grow, but Seer is really flexible when it comes to personal professional development - you’re encouraged to explore what you want to explore, whether it’s in your job description or not. 

We’re also not afraid of failure (something, honestly, I’m still getting used to 7 years in!), as long as you learn something from it and improve next time. It sounds exaggerated but it’s not - everyone here, in every role, is invested in your success. 

Also, access to leadership at Seer is amazing. I have had professional relationships with every executive at Seer, and usually get 1:1 time with each of them at least once per year. I hear a lot from folks who have worked elsewhere that our culture is really unique, and I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to spend my entire career in this environment.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

I love doing yoga! I love the benefits to my mind and body. My mantra is “do something every day” - even if I don't have much time, even if I don’t feel like it, I try to squeeze in at least 10 minutes. I’m always happier than I was before practicing!

I also love seeing live music. I really miss going to concerts and am really looking forward to more in the future. Some of my favorite artists (especially to see live) are Miniature Tigers, Say Anything, Kishi Bashi, and Ben Folds. I’m a huge fan of emo music - I’m getting married in 2022 and my fiance and I are planning an emo after party.

And I love spending time with my dog, Guinness. We like to go for walks and snuggle on the couch.

If I asked for your favorite Seer memories, what are some memories that come to mind?

All the get togethers we used to have at the offices - Winter Holiday Parties, Halloween Parties, Employee Appreciation Day, the Frat Party we had once...

"I love having the opportunity to connect with my coworkers in a more relaxed, non-work setting, and getting to know them as people (spoiler: they're all amazing people)."

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Ali  Wilson
Ali Wilson
Lead (Channel), Paid Media