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Meet Caloua Lowe

Marketing Manager & Comic Book Creator



How did you end up working at Seer?

I was running my own freelance business from when I was 18. I then found myself at Hopeworks where I learned simple coding skills, landed a communications internship, then discovered Seer through my mentor Brad Aronson. 

I met Wil as an entrepreneur/freelancer, and he shared the certifications and knowledge that I would need to have under my belt after I expressed interest in Seer.

"I got those certifications and applied those skills to optimize my own site. That gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to intern at Seer. The rest, as they say, is history."

What is your favorite part of your Seer career that isn't part of your job description?

I love developing Seer's Certification Program, a beta program at Seer that's designed to teach young professionals the skills needed to be hired in an entry level position at digital marketing agencies. 

I also really enjoy managing and supporting charity partner relationships.

5A1A1059-1 (1)Caloua speaking on Seerfest's Hopeworks Panel, 2019

What are some of your favorite fun things to do outside of your work?

My favorite things to do outside of work are work on a comic I'm developing, spend time with my little one, and read old sci-fi books.

Comic book - that's awesome tell us more!

So the comic book features a female superhero hero who has laser eyes who fights off cat callers. 

I have someone helping with character development and I’m drawing the comic. 

The female character is based off my grandma and my daughter - she is a little sassy. 

I think it's gonna be like an e-comic. I also want to do some data visualization around it.

I’d like to collect and display data around the amount of women and non-binary folks who are cat called, differences in urban and rural areas, and explore ways to share their experiences and inspire conversations around harassment.

Favorite quote or piece of advice?

"Because it wasn't modeled for you, doesn't mean you can't try."

What is your experience being a new mom while working at Seer?

So I was actually a part-time employee at Seer when I got pregnant. And since Seer offers part-time employee benefits, they offered parent-leave benefits along with having already offered health care benefits.

That was a game changer for me. I wasn't a full-time employee, but they still wanted to make sure I had the benefits I needed to make the most of that time. And soon after I became a full-time team member here at Seer.

Sometimes it's crazy - it can be hard to walk downstairs to get a drink and the baby wants to scream. Or she shows up on your laptop while you're in the middle of the presentation - that type of thing.

But Seer is really understanding, my team's understanding. People know that I'm going to get my things done but I'm not always going to be able to be online late and some timelines may need to shift around.

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Caloua Lowe
Caloua Lowe
Manager, Marketing