People of Seer: Meet Marianna Morris

Welcome to People of Seer: Philly Edition!

In this series, you’ll get to meet our team and learn about what makes them the best around (in our humble opinion).

Meet Marianna

Client Engagement Team Lead | Peloton Powerhouse and Professional Empath


How would you describe what you do for your job?

I’m a Client Engagement Team Lead. The way I would describe my job is that I’m equal parts advocate for our team and our clients.

"My goal is to make sure we're aligned with the client on their business objectives as well as setting up our internal teams for success to accomplish those objectives in the best possible way."

 For me, that takes shape both in working directly on my own portfolio of clients, as well as coaching my team on being successful on their own projects and the teams they are a part of. 

What's a day-in-the-life look like?

A day in the life can really depend, especially given that CE (Client Engagement) is not as deliverable-focused as some of the practitioners. That being said, it typically involves a mix of both internal as well as external discussions with team members and clients. 

I really love how different each day is - it's easy for me to get stuck in a routine but work gives me the shake up I need to really strive to do better and be better for my team and clients.

How would you explain what it is like working at Seer to an alien? What are the culture, people, and work like?

I heard someone once describe Seer folks as being aggressively helpful - and I think that's so true!

"I've worked at Seer for nearly 8 years, and that hasn't changed. I know that if I ever need extra help, I have the full support of my team to back me up."

You are stranded on a desert island - what are the three things you bring?

My dog, Marcel. A kindle with unlimited books. Sunglasses (I hate squinting). As you can tell, I would not last long.

What's your favorite Seer chat group you are a part of?

The "Pelofriends" chat! 

A group of Seer team members who either have a Peloton or utilize the app with at-home setups created a chat group where we all talk about anything from advice on how to get started, classes we're taking, reviews on different products, and encouraging each other (with some health competition mixed in, of course).

 It's a pretty active group and we have group rides every Wednesday that are really fun and encouraging!

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

I love to workout (I get bored easily so I do a mix of Peloton, OrangeTheory, etc.) I also love entertaining friends, I like to say I keep it casual but I'm just a very extra person so I tend to go all out to make sure everyone likes everything!

What is your favorite part of your Seer career that isn't part of your job description?

I would say building relationships with team members across all divisions and being even a small part of their career path. 

"The great part of being in a role that spans across multiple divisions is that I get exposure to so many different people at different parts of their lives, careers, etc. that might not have otherwise been possible."

I think it makes me a better coworker and person to have that experience and hopefully instill in others that it's okay to carve your own path in life / in your career!

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Marianna Morris
Marianna Morris
Lead, Client Engagement