Technical SEO Services

Protection with a competitive advantage.

Protect your website investment with Seer’s Technical SEO services: custom catered to the needs of your business.

Strong technical SEO foundations give businesses a competitive edge by improving website performance, visibility, and user experience, attracting more customers and capturing a larger market share.

More than just technical audits. We’re your technical consulting partners.

Leveraging technology and our team of consultants, we’re ready to help support your technical SEO needs whether you’re just getting started or looking to elevate your website to the next level.

Technical SEO Consulting

Technical SEO partnership focused on all elements of site health and technical site success.

Extension of your team identifying how to drive performance & execute 

  • Scale of a big agency
  • Focused on supporting your business goals 

Insurance Services & Monitoring

Built for those who recently migrated or invested in site fixes. Protect your investment and future proof against unforeseen site issues.

Monitoring & maintenance partnership focused on all critical elements of site health

  • Protect your bottom line
  • Prioritized fixes aligned to your internal initiatives
  • Website monitoring

Acquisitions & Website Migration Services

Built for those seeking an agency to act as an extension of your team from ideation to launch, identifying core issues & fixes.

Identification of key technical SEO issues, forecasts and benchmarking pre launch, launch day support, with post launch monitoring & QA of high priority fixes 

  • Hands on, technical migration or redesign support
  • Extension of your team throughout


Technical SEO Website Maintenance

A lighter touch approach, built for those needing to maintain current technical SEO performance with minimal budget & resources.

  • Assessment & prioritization of critical technical site issues.
  • Opportunities Seer or your team can execute to improve performance.
  • Prioritized roadmap to put wins on the board.

Additional Technical SEO Services & Analyses 


  • Full Technical SEO Audits

  • Log File Analysis

  • Schema Analysis

  • Page Speed & Core Web Vitals Analysis

  • Content Pruning and Consolidation 

  • Website Architecture & Structure Review 

  • International SEO Strategy

How Seer makes believers.

Extension of your team.
Extension of your team.

Understanding how your team functions is critical to our success. We’ll plug into your current development and technical processes to streamline your path towards technical growth.

We follow the data, not
We follow the data, not "best practices".

By combining your search data alongside scaled insights from our internal data warehouse, we'll develop a breakthrough SEO strategy to meet your organic content goals.

Bridging the gap between marketers & developers.
Bridging the gap between marketers & developers.

As your technical SEO partner, we’ll integrate across your development and marketing teams, facilitating interdepartmental collaboration and help you vet the best tech solution for your business.

Insights at scale.
Insights at scale.

We’ll deliver executive visualizations highlighting actionable insights from massive amounts of complex data - as in 150K competitors, 1MM pieces of content, and 200K keywords massive.

How can our solution-driven approach help your business grow?

Gain a new perspective on your data.

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